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Full name Surname unknown
Race Magician
Gender Female
Status Deceased (Exact year of death unknown, assumed ~790AV?)

Arcein was a notable Magician, born in the year 744AV, who lived during the War of the Blind Kings. According to the few records that survived the fall of the Iridesan court, Arcein was likely responsible for the first death of the war, the mad Queen Idoine Glafonce Iridesa, the last monarch of what is now the Independant City-State of Iridesa. Arcein is well known within Magician circles as something of a rebel hero, as she was bound by liegeoath at the time of the queen's death and yet succeeded in removing the queen from power (although some will argue she only succeeded by convincing the queen's unnamed daughter to command her to do so, creating a conflicting command but also a window within which the liegeoath could be violated). Regardless of the methods she used, Arcein's name became synonymous with breaking the cycle of Obligation, which is reflected in the attributes of the enchantment that bears her name: Arcein's Ignorance.

Arcein's Ignorance

The pattern engraved on Arcein's Ignorance.
The Cycle of Obligation with no interference.
Effect on the cycle when Arcein's Ignorance is used by a Magician.

Arcein's Ignorance is an enchantment created by Arcein in her research regarding nullifying the Obligation. One example of this enchantment is currently in the possession of Conan Renaud, given to him by Din Duvent. How Din came to be in possession of the amulet is unknown and it's not known if it is the only one, the original, or a copy.

The amulet acts as a proxy between those bound by Obligation, preventing commands given to or by its bearer from taking hold upon the target by taking the Obligations upon itself.

Effect on a Magician Bearer

If a Nobleman gives the command "go to Cymaria" to a Magician wearing the amulet, the Magician will not need to obey; the amulet itself is Obligated to go to Cymaria, but as an amulet it can't actually take the necessary action to complete the command by itself. However, because the one giving the command was not the one wearing the amulet, the command still exists upon the Gale with that Magician as the intended Obligated person. Therefore, if the Magician removes the amulet while the command is still unrescinded, the Obligation will take hold upon the Magician immediately. If the Magician is already obligated and afterwards receives the amulet's protection, their Obligations are immediately transferred to the amulet until the amulet is removed. In some cases, putting on the amulet can be considered a violation of the Obligation, making it impossible for Magicians to knowingly use the amulet in those circumstances.

While wearing the amulet, Magicians cannot command daemons because the intent does not reach the Gale.

Effect on a Nobleman Bearer

Daemons are incapable of influencing any Nobleman wearing the amulet. This can be beneficial in the case of daemons hostile to the Nobleman, but detrimental otherwise. For example, it would prevent a Nobleman from hearing their city's city daemon or any other daemons warning them of impending danger.

When wearing the amulet, a Nobleman's commands will not encode on the Gale, meaning they do not become Obligations. As the magic within the command doesn't reach the Gale, even if the Nobleman removes the amulet, the commands given while wearing the amulet do not have an effect on any Magician.

Effect on a Daemon Bearer

Much like humans under the Obligation, daemons affected by the amulet cannot command nor be commanded. Their influence upon Noblemen is nullified, and commands given to them by Magicians can be ignored.