Conan Renaud

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Conan Renaud
First appearance Page 7
Full name Conan Mathias Renaud


Gender Male
Orientation Gray-asexual
Age 22
Birthplace Evenheim
Home Norin, Evenheim Province
Occupation Stablemaster
Affiliation Evenheim Court (defunct)
Title Prince Evenheim
Family Felix Renaud (father), missing(?); Celia Renaud (mother), deceased
Significant Other Lucie Fuller
Status Alive
Think quickly, but above all: think.

Conan is the main character and protagonist of Galebound. He is an equestrian who raises and rents out horses for the hamlet of Norin in the Evenheim Province of the Dusk. Recently kidnapped by Din for reasons unknown, but presumably to assist with Din's goal of overthrowing the kingdom of Cymaria (somehow). Conan was later revealed to be a Nobleman, a person with the ability to command Magicians in binding geasa.


Cynical and sarcastic—at first glance. Despite first impressions, Conan is intelligent, steadfast, and hardworking, but hides it beneath an obfuscating persona. While this persona is, for the most part, an unconscious habit, he can turn it on at will when he wants to annoy others. He slips into formality in familiar company.

Conan is brunet with dark, seal-brown eyes. He has a small scar around the inside of his right thumb.


Conan was born in Evenheim and raised in the hamlet of Norin. His father, Felix, left when Conan was eight years old for reasons unknown; his mother, Celia, passed away of illness four years later. His neighbors, the Fullers, took Conan in until he was old enough to run his parents' stable on his own. He is currently courting his childhood friend, Lucie Fuller, to whom he intends to propose (barring incidents with getting kidnapped).

Conan remembers almost nothing of his childhood from before his father's disappearance, presumably having suppressed bad memories.



As a Nobleman, Conan has the ability to command Magicians, binding them but also granting them access to magic. He unknowingly used this ability multiple times on Din before realizing what he was doing.

Voice of Evenheim

Since Conan is a Nobleman born in Evenheim, he has the ability to hear the voice of Evenheim's city daemon, which can warn him of danger to himself or the city, or of intense suffering, oppression, or hardships to citizens within the city.


Felix Renaud

After Felix's disappearance, Conan's relationship with his father is strained, particularly due to Felix's continued absence after his mother's death. Din's interest in Felix was Conan's first hint in several years that his father might still be alive.

Lucie Fuller

Conan's childhood friend and girlfriend. After his mother's passing, Conan moved in with Albert and Jacqueline Fuller and their three children. As they grew up together, Conan and Lucie remained close friends. Conan intends to propose to Lucie...eventually.

Din Duvent

Conan's kidnapper. Due to the tense nature of their first interactions, Din and Conan initially had very little trust for each other.


  • Conan received the scar on his right thumb as a child when his father was teaching him how to rope horses. The rope slipped and tore a gash through Conan's hand.
  • Conan has a pet cat named Merlot. He doesn't actually consider the cat his, but it eats barn mice and occasionally sleeps on him so pet ownership is generally implied.