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Cornelius Rhode
First appearance Bonus Comic 1
Full name Cornelius Rhode
Nickname(s) "Corny"
Race Midlander
Gender Male
Orientation Gay (Demisexual)
Age 32
Birthplace Cymaria
Home Cymaria
Occupation Guildmaster, alchemist
Affiliation Alchemist's Guild, Cymarian Court
Title Lord Cornelius Rhode, Guildmaster of Alchemists
Significant Other Din Duvent
Status Alive

Cornelius is the Guildmaster of Alchemists in Cymaria and a lord in the Cymarian Court. As Guildmaster, Cornelius is the highest-ranking alchemist in the city and one of the youngest Guildmasters.


Cornelius is a pale Midlander man with long blond hair and brown, bespectacled eyes. Due to the nature of his work, he usually wears his hair tied back and sports some dark stains on his hands. He often smells mildly acrid, moreso if he recently left the alchemist's guildhall.


Din Duvent

Din and Cornelius met not long after [redacted] while Cornelius was still an apprentice within the guild. Due to shared interests and some overlap in skill sets, they became fast friends and eventually started officially dating in 1116 AV. Unfortunately they are no longer together due to Din's desire to protect Cornelius from the fallout of his mission.

Pascal Boisselont

Pascal and Cornelius are good friends who often share a drink when not at work.