Din Duvent

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Din Duvent
First appearance Page 1
Full name Din Duvent
Nickname(s) The Regicide


Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Age 33
Birthplace Iridesa
Home Cymaria
Affiliation Evenheim Court (defunct)(presumed)
Family Alban Duvent (father), deceased; Aurelia Duvent (mother), deceased; Pascal Boisselont (half-brother), alive
Significant Other Cornelius Rhode
Status Alive
Aura Gold
I have yet to find the limits of a sufficiently-determined Magician.

Din is the deuteragonist of Galebound, a notorious Magician who kidnapped Conan with the lofty goal of overthrowing the monarchy of Cymaria.


Din dresses sharply and seems to put a lot of weight into appearances. He is athletic and tall (the tallest in the cast) with wavy/curly black hair and green eyes. He has the sigil of Evenheim on his right shoulder.


Din is the son of the guildmaster of the former Iridesan Magician's Guild, Alban Duvent. After the fall of the Magician's Guild in 1095 AV, Din and his mother Aurelia moved to Cymaria where Aurelia took work as an unlicensed doctor. Din joined his mother's medical practice until her death in 1103.

Little is known about the seventeen years since.



As a Magician, Din is able to cast magic when given a command requiring its use. Most notably, he is capable defensively in putting up stone walls to block opposing magic, or in large-scale construction (e.g. the bridge.)



  • Protect Conan. (Presumed, exact wording unknown, Nobleman unknown)
  • Do not deafen yourself or others. (Presumed, exact wording unknown, Nobleman unknown)




Pascal Boisselont

Pascal is Din's younger half-brother. They share a mother, and Pascal's father is Din's stepfather who left shortly after Pascal was born. Din has been Pascal's caretaker for much of their lives and wants nothing more than to protect him.

Felix Renaud


Cornelius Rhode

Din met the Alchemist Guildmaster in Cymaria. They dated for six years, until Din broke off their relationship via letter with the intent of protecting Cornelius from any fallout from Din's treason against the Cymarian monarchy.


  • Din smoked between the ages of 22-28, but dropped it at Cornelius's prompting.