Dusk (planet)

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The planet Dusk
Parent Star
Mass 0.31 Solar Mass
Radius 0.29 Solar Radius
Axis 0.1347 AU
Eccentricity 0
Orbital Period 32 Earth days
Synodic day 32 Earth days
Ombral Year 300 Ombral Days
Ombral Day 27 Ombral Hours
Population ~24 million

The Dark Hour

The Dark Hour is an eclipse which occurs ever 27 hours. It is caused by one (or possibly two) planets which transit the planet's star at regular intervals. The known planet is called Ombre and the theoretical second planet is called Foncé. They exist on the same orbit at ~0.04 AU from the parent star and orbit at 393.95 km/s (or 196.975 km/s if there are indeed two planets sharing the orbit).