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The emblem of the city-state of Evenheim as seen on Conan's pocketwatch.

Evenheim is a city-state on the Evenheim Steppe located between the Altiria Ocean coastline and Vestroen Mountains. It is a de jure monarchy, last ruled by Matthias Valert Renaud, but has been ruled by a guild oligarchy since the crown prince's disappearance in 1095 AV and the king's subsequent death in 1098 AV. Its emblem is the gilded scales, a symbol of justice and commerce, flanked by two small triskelions, representative of the sister cities Evenheim and Cymaria separated by the sea. It has a population of 18,862.



Evenheim was founded in the year 579 AV by Evangeline Aster, a Cymarian princess. The city began as a small town and trading post, but grew exponentially in her later years due to lumber and mining exports passing through the city. Evenheim's status as a trading center solidified it as a permanent city-state independent of, and eventually rivaling, Cymaria. The queen Evangeline married a trader, William Renaud, and together they ruled the city-state until their death.

Recent Events

The travelers Din and Conan made their way through Evenheim as a pit stop in their journey to Cymaria across the sea. There they were beset by the assassin Pascal Boisselont, but managed to escape thanks to Conan's ability to command Magicians.


Evenheim is, by law, a monarchy ruled by the descendants of Evangeline Renaud. The king is supported by a council of guildmasters, the leaders of major trade guilds with the city. However, with the absence of the king, Felix Renaud, rule of the city has fallen exclusively to the guildmasters, leaving a ceremonial empty throne in the event of Felix's (perceived to be unlikely) return.

The shift to the current de facto oligarchy occurred when the previous king, Matthias Renaud, refused to name his daughter heir despite his son's absence, citing the fact that Felix's commands upon their Court Magicians remained--which was only possible if Felix was still alive or had a living heir. The king passed away without naming the princess Élise his heir, thus denying her the blessing of the city daemon required to rule the city as queen. Her son Richmond currently sits on the council in the empty throne, granting advice as one who can hear the city daemons's voice, but has limited say in the day-to-day decision making for the city.