Hear, Obey, Defy

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Conan wakes up to the sound of a man, presumably Din, and a female voice arguing over the lack of information Din’s given Conan. As Conan comes out of his post-drowning stupor, Din reminds him that he only drowned because he wasn’t wearing the amulet. Conan, in response, says that he can’t trust Din further without more information and commands Din to explain everything.

Din starts by introducing Conan to Altiria, the daemon of water, whom Conan recognizes as the one who tried to drown him. After some more bickering, Altiria explains the nature of Conan’s power and what he is: a Nobleman. The explanation is cut short by the sudden reappearance of Pascal, who immediately attacks Conan.

Pascal, apologizing for the attack, explains that he doesn’t actually *want* to harm Conan and has an idea for averting his Obligation. Conan commands Pascal to hold off on attacking until noon, and they parley. Pascal offers the suggestion of marrying the queen of Cymaria, which would disqualify Conan from being the heir of Evenheim and therefore no longer relevant to Pascal’s Obligation to kill the Evenheim heir. Conan refuses, and Pascal resumes his attack.