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Noblemen are descendants of the First King of Cymaria. Not all Noblemen are rulers, and not all rulers are Noblemen, but due to the advantages granted to them due to their ability to communicate with city daemons and to command Magicians, many Noblemen naturally find a place as leaders within their home cities.

In the cycle of Obligation, Noblemen can command Magicians and Daemons influence Noblemen. A Magician must obey any commands given to them by a Noblemen. Additionally, a Magician can only use magic if it is in accordance with a Nobleman's command.Daemons can influence the minds hearts of Noblemen. While not as compulsory as a command from a Nobleman to a Magician, Noblemen inherently possess an intense sense of empathy and compassion towards daemons, which makes them well-attuned with the state of the natural world.


All Noblemen are descendants of Éduin Aster, the First King of Cymaria. After the inception of the Second Gale and the creation of the Obligation system, Noblemen took on the role of restricting the use of magic to prevent its abuse.

Notable Noblemen