Pascal Boisselont

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Pascal Boisselont
First appearance Page 1
Full name Pascal Boisselont


Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Age 23
Birthplace Cymaria
Home Cymaria
Occupation Cymarian Court Magician
Affiliation Cymarian Court
Family Aurelia Duvent (mother), deceased; Din Duvent (half-brother), alive
Status Alive
Aura Red
Not all Obligations are magic.

Pascal is one of the major characters in Galebound, a Magician employed by the Cymarian Court. He first made an appearance in Evenheim as an assassin sent by the court to kill Conan.


Pascal dresses almost exclusively in black save for a red cravat. He is brunet with green eyes and is said to take after his mother.


Pascal is the second son of Aurelia Duvent, born after she and her son Din moved to Cymaria from Iridesa. His father left shortly after Pascal was born, leaving Aurelia to raise her sons alone. Eventually, Aurelia passed away, leaving the boys without parents or a home.

Sometime in the seventeen years since their mother's death, Pascal joined the Cymarian Court as a Magician in service to the king. He is under liegeoath to Cymaria's royal household and is currently under orders to assassinate the Evenheim heir. However, due to a poorly-worded set of commands given by Conan Renaud, Pascal was caught in a conflicting command in addition to a set of commands that would destroy his ability to hear. The conflicting commands, which are normally fatal unless quickly rescinded, are currently being nullified by Arcein's Ignorance.



Due to Arcein's Ignorance, all of Pascal's Obligations are currently nullified.


  • Do not deafen yourself or others. (Presumed, exact wording unknown, likely King Cymaria)
  • Liegeoath to the royal household of Cymaria. (Presumed, exact wording unknown, likely King Cymaria)
  • "Make breakfast." (Conan, Page 102)




Din Duvent

Din is Pascal's older half-brother, who cared for him after their mother's passing in 1103.


In computing, Pascal is an imperative language intended to encourage good programming practices using structured programming and data structuring to improve the clarity of a program's function.