Snake Charmers

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Concerned by the events that took place in Evenheim, Conan and Din have a quiet conversation--less quiet when Din reveals that the reason Conan is an assassination target is because of his father, the missing Felix Renaud.

In a concession towards Conan for the lack of information he’s received thus far, Din explains in part the nature of Magicians: those who can command daemons. As an example, he summons forth a bridge of stone to allow them to pass the narrow sea between them and Cymaria.

Before they cross, Din tells Conan to put on a protective amulet to defend him from daemons now that he’s leaving his native Evenheim. As he touches the amulet, Conan suddenly feels lightheaded and collapses. Nevertheless, he wears the amulet as instructed...for now.

Halfway across the bridge, Din destroys the bridge behind them to prevent Pascal from following. He insists that Pascal will not be able to follow when Conan expresses concern, but doesn’t explain why. Conan, thoroughly irritated by the sparse information he’s received, asks if Din will explain everything if commanded to explain. His answer comes by way of death glare.

The men set up camp and, while Din isn’t looking, Conan removes the amulet.

Some time later, while the men sleep, Conan is awakened by his girlfriend, Lucie. Despite his memories to the contrary, they’re back on land, having never crossed the bridge in the first place. However, Conan realizes that the events of the last dark hour still occurred, meaning he’s still being chased by an assassin.

Conan expresses worry that his father might not be the sole reason for the attack. When Lucie questions his further, Conan realizes that Din kept the knowledge that Conan could stop Pascal hidden intentionally.

To get out of Din’s earshot, Conan and Lucie move further from their camp, at which point it’s revealed that they were, in fact, on the bridge when Conan steps off of it and plunges into the ocean. Underwater, Conan is assailed by translucent tentacles and a mocking voice. When he realizes Lucie was daemon that the amulet was supposed to protect against, the ocean daemon digs through his mind for more information. While rifling through his memories, the ocean discovers something strange that terrifies them, and they drag Conan into the depths. He passes out.