The Dark Hour

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Conan and Din arrive in Evenheim. Conan, while absorbing the sights, notices Din’s unease in the city. Din comments that he hasn’t been in Evenheim in some time, and tends to avoid the city, but Conan should at least feel at ease here. Indeed, Conan feels almost oddly safe in the city, despite being a stranger to it.

They make their way to the inn: Breadmaker’s Inn, or so the sign says. Conan isn’t impressed, but Din leaves him no choice but to board Artemis in the stables out back.

While in the stables, Conan hears a strange whispering voice warning him of danger, but only finds Din, returned with the inn room key. Din gives Conan the room key and leaves for the remainder of the day. Conan, despite his desire to leave, stays because he imagines his kidnapper will just come to find him again.

Hours later, the men are both asleep in the inn room. Conan is awakened by voices again. Din, also awake now, warns Conan to not say anything. Moments later, a man enters the room through the open window and draws a blade.

Before the assassin can kill Conan, Din attacks with a magical blast. Pascal, realizing what he’s up against, flees, leaving Conan confused. He demands Din explain. After Din’s sparse explanation and a change of clothes, the men flee the city. Pascal nearly catches up and attempts to trap them behind the city gate, but Conan commands Pascal to let them escape, and he does.