The Magician

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In the Dusk, I met a storm.


Seventeen years after the events of the prologue, Conan Renaud awakens to find a strange man invading his space. The man claims to be a customer and, after Conan's misgivings, reveals a large bag of gold from seemingly nowhere, amounting to far more gold than Conan's normal fee for a horse rental. The stranger insists Conan keep the gold and, after more prodding reveals his name to be Din and his intention to be to rent a packhorse to take to Cymaria across the sea. After the transaction is complete, Din also asks if Conan could join him as a guide. Conan refuses, but upon turning his back on the stranger, falls unconscious from a tranquilizing dart. Din looms over him, a second dart in hand, as the stablehand's vision fades to black.

Hours later, Conan wakes up on the back of a horse traveling northeast. After gathering his wits, he realizes he’s been kidnapped by the stranger. More agitated than scared, Conan demands information from his kidnapper, noting that Din took the time to saddle up Conan’s favorite horse. Din unwillingly explains his ultimate goal: the destruction of the Cymarian monarchy.

Stunned, Conan advises that he’s probably not going to be useful in this mission, but suggests they stop in Evenheim to rest and get supplies for Artemis (but also to make an opportunity to escape). Din refuses. Angered, Conan commands Din to take them to Evenheim and, surprisingly, Din complies, but with insistence that they only stay for the course of the dark hour.

Confused by the turn of events but void of complaints after surprisingly getting his way, Conan can only worry about the home and girlfriend he’s left behind.



  • "This is how I met the greatest Magician to ever live." - Conan, narrating.


Conan's current horses' names are revealed to be:

  • Named by Conan: Titan, Artemis, Daphne, Thalia, Thetis, and Kratos
  • Named by Lucie: Pickle, Pankuchen, Meathead, Checkers, and Ace[1]