Vivian Aster

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Vivian Aster
Full name Vivian Antoinette Aster Cymaria
Nickname(s) Vivi


Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Birthplace Cymaria
Home Cymaria
Occupation Queen
Affiliation Cymarian Court
Title Queen Cymaria; Princess Cymaria (former)
Family Crawforde Galashiels Aster (father), deceased
Status Alive

Vivian is a major character in Galebound. She is the queen of Cymaria after her father's passing, and maintained the command to have Conan assassinated.





As a Nobleman, Vivian has the ability to command Magicians, binding them but also granting them access to magic.

Voice of Cymaria

Since Vivian is a Nobleman born in Cymaria, she has the ability to hear the voice of Cymaria's city daemon, which can warn her of danger to herself or the city, or of intense suffering, oppression, or hardships to citizens within the city.

Queen of Cymaria

As the rightful queen of Cymaria, Vivian has stronger connection to its city daemon. In the event of internal city feuds between Noblemen, the city daemon will support Vivian over other Noblemen.