Felix Renaud

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Felix Renaud
Full name Felix Lucas Renaud Evenheim


Gender Male
Age 47
Birthplace Evenheim
Home Norin, Evenheim Province
Affiliation Evenheim Court (defunct)
Title King Evenheim
Family Conan Renaud (son); Celia Renaud (wife), deceased; Mathias Renaud (father), deceased; Élise Shaw (sister), deceased;
Relatives Richmond Shaw (nephew); Owen Shaw (nephew)
Status ???

Felix is a secondary character in Galebound. He is the rightful king of the city-state of Evenheim, but has been missing from the city for twenty-five years. His last known location was the hamlet of Norin, from which he disappeared fourteen years ago, leaving his wife and eight-year-old son. Little is known about him except that the king of Cymaria has ordered his death and, by extension, Conan's death.


Conan would describe Felix as a silent, dour, and intimidating man.


Felix was born in Evenheim in 1073 AV as the crown prince of the city-state. At age 21, Felix left the city-state to annex the independent city of Iridesa into the province of Evenheim. After his failure there, Felix vanished from all records.

In the year 1098, Felix and his pregnant wife snuck into Evenheim long enough for their son's birth before returning to their home in Norin, where Felix stayed with his new family for eight years. In 1106, Felix again went missing for the final time and had not been heard from or seen since.



As a Nobleman, Felix has the ability to command Magicians, binding them but also granting them access to magic. It's currently unknown what commands he has given to any Magician.

Voice of Evenheim

Since Felix is a Nobleman born in Evenheim, he has the ability to hear the voice of Evenheim's city daemon, which can warn him of danger to himself or the city, or of intense suffering, oppression, or hardships to citizens within the city.

King of Evenheim

As the rightful king of Evenheim, Felix has stronger connection to its city daemon. In the event of internal city feuds between Noblemen, the city daemon will support Felix over other Noblemen.