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Wild Daemons

Wild daemons are nature spirits that inhabit certain elements of nature. Most commonly, they are spirits of organic, changing, or living elements of nature (e.g. water, plants, fire, wind, lightning, animals). They only exist in things that are unprocessed. For example, a tree will have a corresponding wild daemon, but the daemon is dispelled when the tree is felled and made into lumber. Metal is almost always void of a daemon.

In history, wild daemons were commonly worshiped by humans as minor deities. People would make offerings towards a daemon in exchange for the daemon's blessing. This practice has fallen out of favor in the last thousand years, although it is still practiced by some small naturalistic sects.

In contrast with wrought daemons, wild daemons are the thing they embody, whereas wrought daemons require a containing vessel.

The Gale

The Gale is a wild daemon of particular renown, nicknamed the Ancestral Daemon due to its role within the Obligation. It is an enormous storm situated at the subsolar point of Dusk. The Gale, in its current incarnation, is known to be the second storm to exist in the Galelands. The first storm faded for a short period in the year 0 AV and reformed as the current storm, which has existed for 1,120 years.

Wrought Daemons

Wrought daemons are man-made daemons. In contrast with wild daemons, they require a vessel to inhabit. The creation of a wrought daemon is called enchantment.


Enchanting can be accomplished by anyone, as the use of an item or living within a dwelling will eventually generate a daemon within the object or dwelling, but the intentional endowment of a daemon must be done by a Magician. By intentionally enchanting an item, the Magician can also grant the item certain properties, typically borrowed from wild daemons.

City Daemons

City daemons are wrought daemons that inhabit cities. They are formed by lingering thoughts, feelings, and impact of anyone who has lived within the city for a sufficient amount of time. Any given human dwelling will eventually form a daemon, but city daemons are unique for their relative size and precense; city daemons alone of all wrought daemons are able to make themselves heard to humans and possess a type of aggregate sentience similar to wild daemons.

City daemons are particularly useful to Noblemen who were born within the city (and therefore have an inherent connection to the daemon) as the daemon can warn the Nobleman of impending danger or of trouble within the city.

Privileges of the King

Under certain conditions, a Nobleman has special privileges with their city daemon:

  • They must be a descendant of one of the city's founders.
  • They must be considered the rightful ruler of the city.
  • They must have been born within the city.

As an example, currently Queen Vivian of Cymaria and King Felix of Evenheim fulfill these requirements for their respective cities.

This connection to the city daemon is usually passed on to the firstborn of the king (regardless of gender), although it can be passed to a close relative if need be. Upon the current ruler's death, the privilege passes to their blood or chosen heir. The privilege grants the Nobleman preferential treatment from the city's daemon. In the event of an attack on the monarchy from another Noblemen, even one descended from the founder and born within the city, the city daemon will side with the rightful ruler.

On occasion, a city daemon forms with no suitable candidate to receive its blessing (for instance, if the founder of the city has no living descendants). Under this circumstance, a Nobleman who is not a descendant of the founder may make themselves the ruler of the city and foster the connection with the city daemon despite their ancestry. However, the Nobleman must be considered the rightful ruler of the city by the majority of its living residents in order to gain the daemon's favor.

Castle Daemons

Castle daemons are similar to city daemons, but do not have the sentience or power of a city daemon. They inhabit castles or other large and and historic buildings. While overall they are rarely used in magic, parts of the castle (and therefore parts of its daemon) may be manipulated for certain effects by Magicians under liegeoath to the castle's monarch. For example, armory stones are a common item carried by Magicians traveling far from their court. These stones are chipped out of the stonework of a castle's armory room. The enchantment allows the Magician to use the connection between the armory stone and the room to transport items out of the room to their current location, regardless of their proximity to the castle. As with most magic, the distance and size of the items transported depends on the casting Magician's own magical strength as well as the strength of the castle daemon.