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Magicians are those who can use magic within the system of Obligation. While some unobliged (those who cannot use magic) are aware that magic exists and that it can be used to control daemons, most have never knowingly encountered an actual Magician and information about them is mostly found in stories. In recent years, they have faded into legend and some doubt they could even use magic, preferring to attribute the feats Magicians claim in stories to exaggeration, natural phenomenon, or pure luck. The Kingdom of Cymaria, however, is known to employ servants known as Court Magicians, a vestige of earlier times for the monarchy.

A notable trait of Magicians is the color of their magic. When casting magic, whether it be conjuration or enchantment, the Magician exhibits a glowing aura; the color of this aura differs with every Magician. This color is also present in a thin band around a Magician's pupils.

"Toy Soldier" is a derogatory term for Magicians, referring to their status within a Nobleman's court. In times of war, Magicians are often the first sent to the front lines, often with no choice in the matter.


All Magicians are descendants of the first Magician, Alain Duvent, a servant within the Cymarian household in the years surrounding the inception of the Second Gale. At the time, magic was simply a prayer or pledge to a daemon, but Alain was uniquely gifted in his charisma towards daemons and was able to command them in ways similar to what would later come to be known as conjuration. In the years leading up to the fading of the original Gale, Alain launched a rebellion against his king, Éduin Aster, using his power over daemons to assault the kingdom. Shortly after, the Second Gale formed and set in place the system of Obligation, which binds Magicians to follow the orders and commands of the descendants of the King Éduin and prevents them from commanding daemons without an Obligation.

Notable Magicians