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Dusk years and earth years are very much not the same. Earth has 365(ish) days per year, and 24 hours per day. Dusk has 27 hours per day, and 243 days per year (both decimal, it's 30 and 300 days respectively in nonary). Further complicating matters, Dusk's most popular number structure is nonary, so when they say "the year is 1120AV", they really mean the year is 828, and those 828 years were only 6,561‬ hours long compared to our 8,760 (so in reality, it's been ~620 Earth years since 0AV)‬. As a result, the given ages for characters on the cast page are actually pretty "off". The given numbers are the earth equivalents, because we can probably understand Conan better if we think of him as a 22-year-old than 32.

The following is a timeline of major events in Dusk years.

Note: This timeline is not complete.

  • 402AV - Arcein born (376 Earth years before the story)
  • 438AV - War of the Blind Kings begins (352 Earth years)
  • 488AV - War of the Blind Kings ends
  • 1041AV - Felix Renaud born in Evenheim
  • 1061AV - Din born, Nonmen 30th
  • 1072AV - Felix leaves Evenheim
  • 1073AV - Felix goes missing
  • 1076AV - Pascal born, Quarmen 11th
  • 1077AV - King Evenheim dies
  • 1077AV - Conan born, Sismen 17th
  • 1083AV - Queen Cymaria born, Quarmen 8th
  • 1085AV - Aurelia Duvent passes away (17 Earth years ago)
  • 1100AV - Felix goes missing (again) (14 Earth years ago)
  • 1105AV - Celia dies; Fullers take over the stable until Conan comes of age
  • 1113AV - Conan takes over his family's stable
  • 1120AV - King Cymaria dies
  • Tredin, Secunmen 23rd 1120AV - Current date in-story as of Chapter 6.


Calculator: http://wiki.galebound.com/yearcalc.php

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